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1.2 MW Willow Solar Farm Expansion- Willow, AK (2019)
In just one year after completing the 140 kilowatt pilot project, Renewable IPP delivered a 1.2 Megawatt expansion, making the Willow Solar Farm, Alaska's largest! The project consists of 3,240 solar panels and  offsets 2 million pounds of CO2 annually. Renewable IPP both developed and constructed the solar farm. 
140 kW Pilot- Willow, AK (2018)
The Renewable IPP team's first solar farm project. This system consists of 408, 340W panels laid out in two football field long arrays. At the time of startup (Oct. 2018), the Willow solar farm was the largest in the state!
Project Metrics
  • Project delivered 5% under budget
  • Produces enough power for 25-30 homes year round
  • Offsets 200,000 pounds of CO2 per year


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