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Our Team

Jenn Miller, CEO/Manager

A professional mechanical engineer with 17 years experience in the energy industry. Jenn grew up in Eagle River, AK and has a vested interest in Alaska's energy supply. Jenn's ability to build strong partnerships and her background in engineering and project management have helped Renewable IPP develop economic projects and navigate development activities. Jenn focuses on land acquisition, power purchase agreement development, project management and external affairs. 

Chris Colbert, CFO/Manager

Chris gained his engineering degree from Colorado School of Mines and has worked in the energy industry for over 16 years. Chris' work focused on new developments where he gained deep experience in financial analysis and project optimization. Chris guided project decision making based on sound technical and economic information which ultimately enabled successful project delivery. Chris focuses on company finance, project economics, production modelling, project conceptual design and construction and operation management.

CleanCapital, Partner

CleanCapital joined the RIPP partnership in 2022 broadening the companies reach and deepening its benchstrench. CleanCapital is an industry-leading clean energy investment platform. Since 2015, CleanCapital has worked to accelerate investment in distributed solar and storage assets to address the urgent threat of climate change. To date, CleanCapital has invested more than $900 million in projects and companies that align with its mission. In total, the company has successfully acquired projects totaling more than 360 MW spanning 25 states and one U.S. territory. More information about CleanCapital can be found at

Sam Dennis, Partner

With 30+ years of project management and leadership experience, Sam provides keen project development knowledge and business strategy experience. Sam has a passion for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and understands the value business can provide in developing sustainable projects.

Grant E. Smith, Partner

For 15 years Grant has been involved with a variety of commercial and industrial developments. Grant is registered professional engineer in the US and Canada and is currently an Engineering Manager for a major global energy company. Grant holds a strong belief that renewable energy projects must utilize best technology and be economically competitive to play.

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