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Solar Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

Want to support Solar Energy in Alaska and offset your carbon footprint? We offer "Alaskan Grown" solar renewable energy credits which can be purchased from our solar farms. One renewable energy credit (1 REC) equates to one Mega-watt-hour of solar production (MW-hr). For every MW-hr of solar production, less fossil fuels are burned to generate electricity. If interested, please submit a contract request through our website. 


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We'd like to recognize Talkeetna Air Taxi as the official ALASKA SOLAR REC MARKET PIONEERS!!! Talkeetna Air Taxi has doubled down on their commitment for environmental sustainability by being the first company to purchase "Alaska Grown" solar RECs and in doing so established the Alaska Solar REC market in 2020. Talkeetna Air Taxi is a certified Adventure Green Alaska tour operator. AGA is a voluntary certification program for tourism businesses operating in Alaska that meet standards of economic, environmental and social sustainability. We thank Talkeetna Air Taxi for their visionary business approach and for supporting Alaska Solar!!!
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